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Chickenpox Treatment

Chickenpox, ai! Blisters everywhere, loooooads of itching and thus a lot of scratching. And if this isn’t bad enough already, a chance on scars.

donttellmum Chickenpox Treatment with 100% vegetable petrolatum cools, helps to relieve the itching and prevents scarring. A happy kid, a happy mum!

The triple effect of Chickenpox Treatment

1. Cools and helps relieve itching
2. Accelerates skin healing
3. Prevents scarring

Easy & hygienic in use, thanks to the unique “no-touch’ brush applicator.

donttellmum Chickenpox Treatment is proven effective and contains a 100% vegetable petrolatum. The emulsion is dermatologically tested and free form parabens.

How to treat & recognize chickenpox?

To be sure your child is suffering from chickenpox it’s important to recognize the symptoms:

  • Starts with a common cold
  • Your child can have a fever, is pendant and sick
  • Skin rash shaped like little red spots or blisters through out the body.
  • Itching, a lot of itching as result of the skin rash
  • Blisters dry out to scabs
  • Scabs will have vanished after 10 days.

To treat
Treatment isn’t necessary, chickenpox passes by itself but that itch, that you can fight! This way your child suffers less and so do you. Use a cooling gel like donttellmum Chickenpox Treatment. In addition, taking care of the skin is a relaxing activity. And less stress means a happy kid, a happy mum!

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How does Chickenpox Treatment work?

Apply donttellmum Chickenpox Treatment on the affected areas or whenever relief is needed.

Cooling effect
For an immediate cooling effect store the emulsion in the refrigerator.

The mode of action of donttellmum Chickenpox Treatment is the result of carefully selected ingredients:

1. Soft ‘no-touch’ brush applicator:
For a fast, targeted & hygienic single-handed treatment. This way you keep your other hand free to comfort your child. The soft brush prevents the risk of damaging the blisters.

2. Oatmeal extract:
Forms a protective barrier on the damaged skin that helps relieve itching, suppressing the need to scratch which reduces the risk of infections and by doing so, prevents scarring.

3. 100% ‘vegetable petrolatum’:
The sustainable choice for a long-lasting effect. An alternative to chemicals with identical properties. This ingredient protects the damaged skin against harmful micro-organisms and bacterial infections.

What’s in it, what not?

Chickenpox causes the development of spots, blisters and scabs over the whole body. These blisters can itch badly, leading your child to only wanting one thing: to scratch! The scratching will damage the skin which increases the risk of infections and… the chance of scarring.

donttellmum Chickenpox Treatment is carefully composed with natural, sustainable ingredients. It cools & helps relieve itching, accelerates skin repair and prevents scarring.

The 100% vegetable petrolatum protects the damaged skin effectively against harmful micro-organisms. The special oatmeal extract forms a protective barrier on the damaged skin which reduces the risk for infections and prevents scarring.

The emulsion is free from parabens, easy & hygienic to use thanks to the ‘No-touch’ brush applicator and especially designed in such a way that after application the blisters are not accentuated. Just as well!

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