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Breathe Easy Patch

Arghhh! Another sleepless night because your little one has incurred a common cold and a stuffed nose is disturbing his sleep. And yours…

donttellmum Breathe Easy Patch in fun animal shapes reduce nasal obstruction, improves breathing and promotes a good night’s sleep. Happy kid, happy you!

The effect of the Breathe Easy Patch:

  1. Relieves nasal obstruction
  2. Improves breathing
  3. Promotes a good night’s sleep

The patches in funny animal shapes with up to 8hrs vaporising effect are safe in use for the tender child’s skin and free from Camphor.

Easy application and removal!

How to recognize & treat a common cold?

A common cold manifests itself in different ways and usually doesn’t limit itself to a stuffed nose.

You can tell from multiple symptoms that your child has a common cold or is developing one:
  • Clogged nose or runny nose
  • Coughing, sore throat
  • Headache, shivery, earache
  • Loss of smell and taste and apathy
  • In some cases, fever

To treat
A common cold will pass on it’s own and medication is not needed. However there are ways to relief your child. Use the donttellmum Breath Easy Patch to relieve a clogged nose and ease breathing. Applying the funny animal shaped patch is a relaxing activity before going to sleep. It reduces stress and increases the chance for a good night’s sleep.

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How does the Breathe Easy Patch work?

donttellmum Breathe Easy Patch is not applied directly to the skin but on clothing, preferably close to the chest. The patch is easy to remove, safe and friendly in use. For your little one and you.

The mode of action of the Breathe Easy Patch is the result of carefully selected ingredients:

1. Patches in funny animal shapes:
The patches in animal shapes such as an elephant, butterfly and fish are safe to apply and to remove, fun for kids and therefore promoting a pleasant and treatment.

2. Ethereal oils:
To relieve a stuffed nose and to ease breathing. Body heat provokes the odor of the ethereal oils which have a vaporizing effect that will last up to 8hrs. Promote a better night sleep.

3. Natural ingredients like Eucalyptus and menthol:
To stimulate the feeling of wellbeing and reduce discomfort.


What’s in it, what not?

Kids can catch a cold 6 to 10 colds per year. Common cold, at which the rhinovirus is the most common virus, is a contagious virus infection of the upper airways. A nasal congestion interfering with sleep.

donttellmum Breathe Easy Patch, is carefully composed with natural ingredients. It relieves the stuffed nose, eases breathing and promotes a good night’s sleep.

The ethereal oils have a vaporising effect that lasts up to 8 hrs which relieve a stuffed nose and ease breathing. Eucalyptus and menthol stimulate the feeling of wellbeing and reduce the feeling of discomfort.

The patches are Camphor free and easy & safe in use for the tender kid’s skin. The funny animal shapes ensure a pleasant treatment.

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