It started with a personal observation

As a mother and designer I, Marloes Visser, was inspired to develop donttellmum® after receiving different input from my surroundings for the relief of kid’s ailments. From a cream, spray, a lukewarm bath to an onion next to the bed… It was driving me crazy. Many well meant advices and products with little to no effect. For my kids or me. I discovered that there was not 1 brand on the shelves providing in all solutions for the most common kid’s ailments. Which really relief the ailment and are easy in use as well.

Mum’s right choice for relief

After my search I decided there had to be another way. So I asked my husband Ruben as self care entrepreneur to develop a range of products together that really work. With proven efficacy, ingredients specially for kids and user friendly applications for child and mother. He the inside, me the outside. Based on the conviction that you don’t tell mum how to treat her child, because she knows best. But to offer her the right choice for relief of kid’s ailments. All solutions in one brand.

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We’re here for your kid.
And you.

It’s our goal to provide effective solutions for kids from the age of 0 to 12 years. Based on carefully, selected ingredients which are suitable for the most little ones. Safe and friendly in use, tested and proven by the right people: mothers. This makes donttellmum the right choice for mothers for relief for the most common kid’s ailments. From bruises to chickenpox.

At donttellmum the outside counts, as much as the inside.

With the development of our very first product we have defined what goes in and equally important, what not. Natural, sustainable ingredients – like 100% vegetable petrolatum, oatmeal extract and calendula – shape the backbone of our products. What you won’t find in our range are cortisones, parabens and allergens which means you can feel good about what you take home for your child. And besides the focus on what goes in we have also considered the use. Therefor we developed soft brush applicators, special tubes and treatment schedules for an optimal result. Happy kid, happy you! 

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Because you don’t tell mum how to treat her child. She knows what is best for her little one.

For the relief of the most common kid’s ailments, she has donttellmum®!


Marloes Visser – mother of Melle & Yara
The mum behind donttellmum®

Mums right choice

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Tested and proven

By mothers, for mothers!

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Friendly, safe ingredients

For your child’s skin

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Easy & pleasant
in use

For child and mum

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Treatment schedule

For an optimal result

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