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Nappy Rash Cream

The drama occurs with every diaper change, your little one is screaming from pain caused by nappy rash and irritated skin. Ouch!!

donttellmum Nappy Rash Cream is an unique vegan cream that protects and soothes nappy rash and red irritated skin. Thanks to the optimal combination of 100% vegetable petrolatum and zinc oxide. A happy kid, a happy mum!

The effect of Nappy Rash Cream:

1. Soothes the irritated skin
2. Protects the vulnerable skin
3. Relieves irritated, red skin

The cream is completely vegan, dermatologically tested and free from perfume, allergens and parabens.

donttellmum Nappy Rash Cream with 100% vegetable petrolatum, the natural and sustainable caring for the future of our environment and our kids.

How to recognize & treat nappy rash?

Nappy Rash isn’t dangerous or contagious but can be very painful causing your child a lot of discomfort. And too. Chaging the diaper can become stressful.

To treat, sooth and protect
Nappy rash and red, irritated skin is treated with a neutral, nourishing ointment like donttellmum Nappy Rash Cream. Apply the cream with every diaper change on the affected skin areas or whenever relieve is needed. In addition, taking care of the skin is a relaxing activity. Less stress means a happy kid, and a happy mum!

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How does Nappy Rash Cream work?

donttellmum Nappy Rash Cream protects the sensitive and damaged skin against external irritants.

The mode of action of donttellmum Nappy rash Cream is the result of carefully chosen ingredients:

1. 100% ‘vegetable petrolatum’:
The sustainable choice for a long-lasting effect. This natural ingredient protects the sensitive skin against harmful micro-organisms.

2. Calendula:
For the repair of the red, damaged skin. 

3. Enriched formula with almond and sunflower oil:
To moisturize and provide extra care during recovery.

What’s in it, what not?

Nappy rash, almost every baby will suffer from it at some point. Red, chapped buttocks cause a sensitive and irritated skin. And dito kid.

donttellmum Nappy Rash Cream is carefully composed with natural, sustainable ingredients to protect the damaged skin.

The 100% vegetable petrolatum in combination with zinc oxide forms a breathing and sustainable barrier against moisture. This helps to protect the sensitive bottom of your little one and to relieve the irritated skin.

Calendula repairs the red, damaged skin while in the meantime the almond and sunflower oil provide extra care and hydration during this repair.

The cream is completely vegan, free from perfume, allergens and parabens and easy to lubricate. So your little one can move freely again!

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